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Press Packet Information:

To download a picture, sound clip or document, try clicking on one of the highlighted Objects below.  Hopefully, your browser will know how to open it.  If nothing happens, try clicking on the Object with the right mouse button and choosing something like "Save As..." to save the file somewhere on your computer.  Then use the appropriate program (Word, mp3 player, photo viewer, etc) to display it or play it.  You will need a high-speed connection for any of the large files (those with a size of MB)...


Object Size Format Description
Somos Son Press Photo 152 KB JPEG Somos Son Press Photo
Song List.doc 84 KB MS Word Somos Son song list & styles
SomosSon_SongList.txt 3 KB text file Somos Son song list & styles
Musical Resume.doc 24 KB MS Word List of major Somos Son past events
Flyer_SOhO_2009mar06.doc 37 KB MS Word Poster or flyer blurb for Somos Son
Sound Clips for Download:
Object Size Format Description
SomosSon_Demo_medley.mp3 3.5 MB (11:54) mp3 Somos Son studio demo - a medley